Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It all starts here..


A envelope is delivered to one of your guests-to-be. The guest opens the envelope, takes out your wedding invitation and the excitement begins to build.

Your wedding invitation says more to your guests than merely the words printed on it. It is your guest's first introduction to your wedding, setting the tone for whats to come, establishing a theme for your wedding and giving a glimpse into your personal style.

Perfect Match

You want an invitation that's unique and special, but you don't know where to begin. To help with the selection process, think about the formality of your wedding. If your wedding will be formal, a simple card with an embossed & design is elegant, stylish and classic. For an informal wedding, let's say an affair in your parent's garden, your invitation can be less formal as well. Try using embossed flowers, green ink or ribbon to give your invitation a country, garden feel.

Theme Me Up

Your invitation can boldly announce your wedding's theme. Having a Autumn wedding? How about a card with an embossed or designed leaves?

Colour Crazy

Coloured inks can add pizzazz to your wedding invitations. You can echo a colour that you will be using throughout your wedding. An array of greens from hunter to sage work well, as does chocolate brown. Gold is particularly elegant. If you want to add a note of colour, but aren't ready to do your whole invitation in coloured ink, you can go with a coloured motif on the top of the card and the text in black. Another way to inject colour is to use a colourful insert.

Personally ...

Consider using a motif that expresses something about you. One bride who's nickname since early childhood was Bumble, had a small bee embossed on the top of her invitations.

Paper Chase

Many couples are choosing different types of paper. There are may different papers to match the feel of your wedding.

Tied Up

Ribbons are another way to jazz up your invitations. Coloured organza ribbons, tied in a simple knot or bow, can top the card. A ribbon can tie a folding card together, so guests can open the bow and then the invitation like a present.

Size Matters

Size is another way to set your invitations apart. DL size can be elegant, or a single square can give a more classical look to your card. Our wedding invitations are designed and printed in a very professional way, and we have a wealth of experience you can benefit from.

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