Saturday, July 3, 2010

DIY Invitations

DIY invitations

Are you on a tight budget, or simply just want to make your invitations yourself, then we can help, with this new concept. We do the Artwork and Layout and you print and assemble. This saves you money and makes it unique and your own.

After chatting with a lot of couple’s I have come to realise that more and more couples are cutting down the cost on there invitations, making them as simple and plain as possible, taking away that whole exciting, elegant, unique and stunning look that the guests gets when opening that envelope. I feel that this is sad as you have to remember the invitations your guests receives is your first chance you get to make an impression.

So brides are wanting to do there own wedding stationery, but are saying that they are not creative and are finding it difficult. I have the solution!

Cut on the budget and save money by letting me help… together we can still keep that stunning yet elegant look…

How it works:

1. You give me your colours and theme ideas and specifications.

2. I do the artwork and layout, explain in details how to assemble it.

3. You print and assemble…

Its as simple as that….. what more could you ask for…

Contact Natalie ( for more info, I look forward to hearing from you and helping to make your invitation and stationery unique and special, and your own…

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